Glendale Public Library Is Fine-Free!
Posted on 03/27/2024
Glendale Library Is Fine-Free!The Glendale Public Library is excited to announce that it is going fine-free, effective immediately. This decision reflects the library's commitment to removing barriers to access and fostering a more inclusive environment for all community members.

By eliminating fines on overdue materials, the Glendale Public Library aims to ensure that everyone in the community can enjoy unrestricted access to its vast collection of books, eBooks, audiobooks, and other resources. The library recognizes that fines disproportionately impact individuals and families facing financial hardships, hindering their ability to utilize the many, diverse services it offers to educate, inform and entertain the community.

"Libraries are essential community resources, and our priority is to ensure that everyone can benefit from what we have to offer," said Dawn Ferro, Interim Chief Librarian. "By going fine-free, we're removing a significant barrier to access and promoting equitable opportunities for learning, exploration, and enrichment."

In addition to eliminating fines on overdue materials, the Glendale Public Library will waive existing fines on patrons' accounts. This one-time amnesty program allows patrons to return late items without incurring any penalties and regain full access to library services.  Patrons with fees on their account for lost items should contact the library at 623-930-3600 to discuss options to reinstate their accounts.

"We want to welcome everyone back to the library without reservations or concerns about overdue fines," added Jean Moreno, Community Services Director. "Our goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive space where everyone feels empowered to explore, learn, and connect with their community."

The decision to go fine-free aligns with the growing trend among libraries around the country to prioritize access and equity. Libraries implementing fine-free policies report positive outcomes, including increased circulation, high patron satisfaction and greater community engagement.